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We welcome your interest in joining with your fellow professionals as a member of our industry's premier trade association. Membership in Southwest Collectors (SWCA) is open to any TX or OK state based person, firm or entity that is engaged in the collection of debts or dishonored checks, and is operating in compliance with all federal, state, county and municipal statutes and ordinances governing the collection industry, including but not limited to licensing and bonding. Our members enjoy a number of benefits and services in addition to those provided by ACA International.

ACA International

The Membership Application Process:

Company membership in Southwest Collectors Association is linked to membership in ACA International and the application process starts with them. Below is a link to the Membership Join page on the ACA International website: go to then scroll down for the Company application link.

Each person/company who wants to apply for membership will then need to create a profile on the Log In page. Click on the 'Create Guest Account' button to create your guest account. This will then enable you to access the Southwest Collectors Association application.

NOTE: ACA International is no longer doing PDF membership applications. When ACA moved to the new website/CRM, the applications were all automated online.

If you are wanting to become an Associate Member in SWCA, that is a different type of membership for companies that provide goods and services to our members. Go here: Become an Associate

For questions regarding the membership application process for companies domiciled in either Texas or Oklahoma, please reach out to our Executive Director at either or by phone at 512-458-8666.

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Southwest Collectors Association

For more information on SWCA, please contact Tom Morgan, our Executive Director

   512.458.8666  Phone